Safety Information

Changes we have made in light of the Covid pandemic:

With the health of staff and visitors our priority, we have made changes to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit by all.

In order to support the efforts being made to help reduce the spread of the virus we have implemented specific practices in line with HSE and government guidelines. These will be reviewed and adjusted as is needed on an ongoing basis.

Please read the section below to maximise your enjoyment here.


Pre-booking online is essential, this is to control the numbers inside the venue.  We will be operating at less than 50% capacity. If you want to come together as a group then you will all need to book in the one timeslot, as once a booking is made in the timeslot it is then closed.

As the visitor centre is an indoor venue, we would recommend that visitors wear a protective facemask in line with government advice.  Staff will also be wearing the relevant PPE in each area.

We would also like to request in advance that if at all possible our preferred method of payment is cashless.


Admission will be a maximum of 5 minutes before your booking slot.  Please do not arrive too early as you will be asked to wait outside or return to your car until closer to your time slot.

On entry hand sanitiser is available, and it will be at various point throughout the experience.

We will be reminding you to social distance throughout the experience where possible.

During your time at the visitor centre:

We have a one-way system in place throughout the visit and we ask that you follow this and do not go back into an area that you have left.

Our staff will be going through the experience and are happy to help make your experience better, so please ask them any questions

The audio headset element is optional, and we have reduced the amount of high-frequency touchpoints, as per government guidelines.


This will be restricted to one group at a time and will be sanitised by staff after each use.



General Cleaning:

We have upgraded our cleaning procedures throughout the experience and we will be paying particular attention to high touch areas.

Hand sanitiser is available throughout the experience

A message to all visitors

We look forward to welcoming you here and ask you to adhere to the Government guidelines:

  • Please assess your health before your visit and stay at home to protect yourself and others if you have any of the symptoms of Covid-19.
  • If you have been overseas in the last 14 days then please wait until after your quarantine period is up before visiting us
  • Wash your hands frequently – or use hand sanitiser.
  • Cover your cough with a tissue or your sleeve. Wash your hands afterwards – or use hand sanitiser.
  • Ensure that you social distance from others.  
  • Avoid contact greetings: handshakes, hugging and kissing.